FL Studio 20

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FL Studio 20. We’ve all been there…Passionate about music and optimistic about the future.
Unfortunately, you lack the knowledge and experience that it takes to start creating music.

You can Think of an FL Studio like a paintbrush if you don’t know how to use it or the proper techniques then your paintings aren’t going to have any meaning.
However, if you master the “Paint Brush” you’ll be able to make people feel the emotion you put into your work.

This FL Studio 20 course will teach you how to produce Beats and Melodies and proper strategies to help you be more productive in your workflow.


Who this course is for:

  1. Musicians With Little Or No Digital Audio Workstation Experience
  2. Beginner Beat Makers
  3. Beginner Music Mixers
  4. Anyone Who Wants To Be More Proficient With Fl Studio
  5. Beginner Electronic and Hip Hop Artists

What Will I Learn?

  • Proficiently Use Fl Studio 20
  • Use The Step Sequencer To Make Drum Patterns
  • Use The Playlist To Lay Patterns and Use Useful Shortcuts
  • Use The Mixer And Effects Chains to Create a Mix
  • Use The Piano Roll To Lay notes And Use Shortcuts

Topics for this course

39 Lessons

FL Studio 20 Tutorials

Complete Beginner Basics Tutorial00:00:00
The Channel Rack (Step Sequencer)00:00:00
The Playlist00:00:00
The Mixer00:00:00
How To Record in FL Studio 2000:00:00
How We Start Every Project00:00:00
Drum Programming00:00:00
Best Export Settings – Why Does My Mix Sound Bad After Exporting?00:00:00
How To Make Groups and Bus Channels In The Mixer00:00:00
How To Sidechain in FL Studio 2000:00:00
How To Record Vocals in FL Studio00:00:00
Vocal Processing in FL Studio00:00:00
How To Set Up Your Midi Keyboard and Drumpad00:00:00
How To Backup Your FL Studio Projects00:00:00
3 Essential Productivity and Workflow Tips for FL Studio00:00:00
FL Studio 20 Shortcut Keys You Need To Know00:00:00
How to Mix in FL Studio 2000:00:00
How To Use Automation Clips – FL Studio 20 Essentials00:00:00
FPC Tutorial – Everything You Need To Know00:00:00
Gross Beat Tutorial00:00:00
How To Make Your Own Sample Pack00:00:00
Fast FL Studio Workflow Hacks00:00:00
How To Use Patcher – Everything You Need To Know00:00:00
How To Convert Audio To MIDI in FL Studio 2000:00:00
How To Tune Vocals in FL Studio – Newtone Tutorial00:00:00
How To Vocode in FL Studio – Vocodex Tutorial00:00:00
The Most Underrated Plugin In FL Studio – Fruity Convolver Tutorial00:00:00
How To Use The Edison – FL Studio Tutorial00:00:00
FL Studio Flex – First Look and Full Tutorial00:00:00
FL Studio Advanced Mixer Tips and Tricks00:00:00
How To Slide Notes in FL Studio – Pitch Shifting00:00:00
FL Studio Drum Programming – Beatmaking Tips00:00:00
MIDI Patterns vs Audio Clips00:00:00
How To Merge/Consolidate Audio In FL Studio 20.600:00:00
My FL Studio Template – The Best Way To Start A Project00:00:00
Every Plugin In FL Studio Explained00:00:00
FL Studio’s Amazing Hidden Plugins00:00:00
Sytrus Tutorial00:00:00
Maximus Tutorial00:00:00
FL Studio 20
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Enrolment validity: Lifetime


  • Basic Understanding of Music Theory Required
  • No experience with Fl Studio Required
  • A Passion For Music is Required
  • Basic Understanding of Computers is Required
  • Passion for Beat Making
  • Passion for Audio and Music Mixing