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  • Last Update 23/06/2021


Why are ethics so important in research?

We each have different morals, shaped by our individual upbringing, culture, and life experiences. These diverse moral codes result in different perceptions of what’s right, fair, and reasonable.

In this course, you’ll explore significant events in history that have shaped ethical conduct today. You’ll also explore the key principles most codes of ethics are based on. Looking at case studies, you’ll examine the components of a research ethics application. Finally, you’ll discover how to protect people’s rights during your own research process.

Who is the course for?

  1. This course is aimed at anyone interested in research. It may be of particular interest to people who are undertaking a research project related to their profession or area of study.


What Will I Learn?

  • Discuss the value of ethical conduct in research.
  • Interpret ethical principles to apply theory to practice.
  • Apply a framework to support ethical research design.

Topics for this course

45 Lessons


What Are Ethics00:00:00
What are Values00:00:00
Family as a Source of Values00:00:00
Education as a Source of Values00:00:00
Classification of Values00:00:00
Morals BasIcs00:00:00
How to Define a Moral Character00:00:00
Rawls on Morals00:00:00
Why Loss Of Ethics00:00:00
B R Ambedkar00:00:00
Attitude 100:00:00
Attitude 200:00:00
Political Attitude00:00:00
Morals Attitude00:00:00
APPEAL !!!00:00:00
Examples – Legal but Unethical00:00:00
Examples – Not illegal but Unethical00:00:00
Examples – Illegal but Ethical00:00:00
EXAMPLES – Exemplary Honesty Shown00:00:00
EXAMPLES – Ethical Dilemmas Faced00:00:00
Emotional Intelligence00:00:00
How to Justify an Action00:00:00
Why Laws Are Not Followed00:00:00
Bystanders’ Apathy00:00:00
What are Laws, Rules, Regulations00:00:00
Integrity (A Very Very Examined View)00:00:00
Case Studies – How to Solve00:00:00
Case Studies – How to create options00:00:00
Case Studies – Various Ethical Dilemmas00:00:00
An Ideal Civil Servant00:00:00
Values vs Skills00:00:00
Duties vs Rights00:00:00
Corporate Governance00:00:00
Ethics in International Relations00:00:00
Link in Description – Also a video to calm your nerves00:00:00
Plan in Description00:00:00
Mains Test Series – 201800:00:00
Test Series – 2 Updates00:00:00
Ethics – What Does Happiness Mean to You00:00:00
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