Ethical Digital Society

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Ethical Digital Society

This Ethical Digital Society course is entirely devoted to the study of Digital society ethics. It’s a topic that’s all about moral principles and effective business governance. Companies are expected to adopt high standards and follow a set of standard operating procedures. We’ve attempted to cover the majority of issues of business ethics in a straightforward manner. This course is created primarily for management students.

This course is meant for management students and anybody interested in learning about the ethical aspects of running a business. It is recommended that you have a basic understanding of business and management disciplines. This course may also be useful for ordinary students who want a quick review of business ethics. Please keep in mind that this is not a course for professionals.

This Ethics Training course explains what is right and bad in the artificial intelligence sector, assuming such a thing exists. The first element of this three-part program asks, “What is ethics?” We’ll go over its history, various philosophies, corporate ethics, and the five most common principles. Second, including interviews from founders across the board, ethics as it relates to AI.

This Ethical Digital Society course is for 

Is anyone interested in learning about business and AI ethics

 or who wants to learn about the ethical aspects of running business.

What Will I Learn?

  • You will gain a solid understanding of corporate ethics.

Topics for this course

9 Lessons

mod01lec01 – Ethics: What, Why & Why not?

mod01lec02 – “Technology And Ethics : To Do Good Or To Do NoHarm?”00:00:00
mod01lec03 – “Centralized Technology, Localized Services: A CaseFor Selective Inclusion?”00:00:00
mod02lec04 – Smart Cities And Equity00:00:00
mod02lec05 – Data Or An Anti-Politics Machine?00:00:00
mod03lec06 – Data, Democracy and Justice00:00:00
mod03lec07 – Ai And Ethics, Governance, Policy: Landscape And Roadmap00:00:00
mod04lec08 – On A Materialist Conception Of AI And Ethics00:00:00
mod04lec09 – “Keynote – Technology And Ethics : An Economist’sRuminations”00:00:00
mod04lec10 – Poster Presentations00:00:00

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