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This subject is commonly known as Network theory, Electrical circuit, Network analysis, circuit theory.

This course explains how to analyze circuits that have direct current (DC) current or voltage sources. A DC source is one that is constant. Circuits with resistors, capacitors, and inductors are covered. Network theorem is covered.

After completing this course, you will be able to solve any DC circuit easily. I have explained each and everything with solved examples.


  1. Electrical engineers
  2. Electronics engineers
  3. Anyone who wants knowledge about electric circuits
  4. Anyone who wants to learn about DC Circuits easily

What Will I Learn?

  • know all the Fundamentals of Electric DC Circuits
  • Understand Electric Charge,Electric Current,Electric Voltage, Electric Energy and Electric Power
  • Bilateral and unilateral element
  • Planar and non Planar netwok
  • time invaariant element
  • Know the difference between dependent and independent Sources
  • Know the Definition of the Nodes, Branches and loops in Electric circuit Know the Definition of the Kirchhoff's laws
  • KVL and KCL
  • series and parallel connection of elements
  • Know Series resistor and voltage division
  • Know parallel resistor and current division
  • Star and Delta Transformation
  • Understand Nodal analysis
  • Understand Mesh analysis
  • Understand Mesh analysis with Current Sources
  • Understand the Meaning of the Linearity Property
  • Superposition Theorem
  • Thevenin's Theorem
  • Norton's Theorem
  • Maximum Power Transfer

Topics for this course

50 Lessons


Introduction to ECA -Session 100:00:00
voltage and power #ECA Session 200:00:00
Independant Sources #ECA-Session 300:00:00
Dependent Sources #ECA-Session 400:00:00
Problems on Power Abs/Gen #ECA- Session 500:00:00
Networks, Circuits and Ohm’s law #ECA-Session 600:00:00
Some Problems on Ohms Law #ECA-Session 700:00:00
Nodes, Path, Loop and branches #ECA Session 800:00:00
Numericals on nodes, path, loops, branches # ECA session 900:00:00
Kirchhoff’s Current Law (KCL) – Definition and simple problems #session1000:00:00
Numericals based on KCL #ECA#Session1100:00:00
Numericals on KCL #ECA-session1200:00:00
Introduction to Kirchhoff’s Voltage Law #ECA-Session 1300:00:00
Numericals on KVl continued……#ECA Session 1500:00:00
Combining voltage and current sources Session 16 #ECA00:00:00
Numerical on combining voltage and current sources #ECA-session 1700:00:00
Resistors in series and Parallel I circuit analysis | #ECA Session #1800:00:00
Series and Parallel circuits revisited #ECA #Session 1900:00:00
voltage and current division #ECA Session -2000:00:00
nodal analysis #ECA-session 2100:00:00
Numerical on Nodal Analysis #ECA session 2200:00:00
More numerical on Nodal analysis #ECA session 2300:00:00
More numerical on nodal analaysis cont….#ECA Session 2400:00:00
SuperNode in nodal analysis #ECA Session – 2500:00:00
Mesh analysis #ECA-session 2600:00:00
The Supermesh #ECA Session 2700:00:00
Numericals – Mesh analysis #ECA Session 2800:00:00
Superposition theorem #ECA Session – 2900:00:00
Numerical on Superposition theorem00:00:00
Practical Voltage and Current sources Session 31 #ECA00:00:00
Source transformation #session 32 ECA00:00:00
Thevenin and Norton equivalent circuits #ECA Session 3300:00:00
Norton Equivalent Circuit#ECA Session 3400:00:00
Thevenin equivalent circuit numericals – dependent sources00:00:00
Introduction to Maximum power transfer theorem #ECA Session 3600:00:00
Star Delta and Delta Star transformations ECA Session 3700:00:00
capacitors – circuit point of view #ECA Session 3800:00:00
Introduction to Inductors in circuit point of view only #ECA Session 3900:00:00
series/parallel combination of inductors/capacitors #ECA Session 4000:00:00
Numericals on capacitor voltage vs current relationship..imp for interviews…session 4100:00:00
inductor vi chara numericals – important for interviews00:00:00
Introduction to Transient Analysis – The circuit timeline00:00:00
Introduction to source free RL Circuits – #transient analysis#ECA00:00:00
Simple numerical of source free RL – transient analysis session 4400:00:00
Properties of exponential response RL circuits #Transients #ECA00:00:00
Numericals on Source free RL circuit -1 #Transient Analaysis #ECA00:00:00
Numerical Source free RL circuits – part2 #transients #ECA00:00:00
Numericals source free RL circuits – part3 #transients#ECA00:00:00
Numerical of source free RL circuits – part4 #transients #ECA00:00:00
Numericals on Source free RL circuits – part5 #transients#ECA00:00:00

Enrolment validity: Lifetime


  • Basic math Fundamentals
  • Basic calculus (derivative and integeral)
  • Just a desire to learn