Energy Innovation

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Energy Innovation

Developing inexpensive, reliable, and low-carbon energy systems requires decarbonizing commercial, industrial, and residential structures. Understanding the fundamentals of energy efficiency, however, can be difficult due to its intimately linked technological, policy, and financial elements. Furthermore, while energy efficiency is a multibillion-dollar worldwide sector that is quickly developing, markets, and behavior are all changing.

Dian Grueneich and Stephen Comello, two of the world’s foremost energy efficiency specialists, discuss the principles and intricacies of building energy efficiency (BEE), including major technologies, policies, and financing instruments, in this course. You’ll learn how to evaluate a BEE intervention’s potential energy, cost, and non-energy advantages. You’ll learn about BEE’s next frontiers, such as “data-driven” intelligent efficiency, building decarbonization, and BEE’s involvement in global climate initiatives.


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What Will I Learn?

  • The basis of energy efficiency in buildings
  • Motivations and barriers of stakeholders
  • Technology, policy, and money all have important roles to play.
  • Building decarbonization and intelligent efficiency have reached new heights.

Topics for this course

29 Lessons

Energy Innovation

Webinar: Grid Modernization and the Integration of Distributed Resources00:00:00
Learn about Transforming the Grid: AI, Renewables, Storage, EVs, and Prosumers00:00:00
Building Energy Efficiency: Technology, Policy & Policy00:00:00
Stanford Energy Innovation and Emerging Technologies (EIET) Certificate Program00:00:00
Opportunities & New Frontiers in Building Energy Efficiency00:00:00
Learn about transitioning to 100% Clean, Renewable Energy and Storage00:00:00
Webinar: Battery Innovations to Fight Climate Change00:00:00
Putting Sustainability into Practice: How and Why Successful Organizations Embrace Sustainability00:00:00
Defining Problems as a Tool for Maximizing Systemic Impact00:00:00
The Next Big Opportunities in Energy Storage00:00:00
Autonomous Driving: AI’s Biggest Endeavor00:00:00
The Emergence of AI in Chinese Smart City Development00:00:00
Stanford Seminar – Robosion: Software Platform for Lifelike Humanoids00:00:00
AI Systems and Visual Intelligence at the Network Edge00:00:00
Stanford Seminar – Virtual Human Agent for Smart City00:00:00
Smart Physical Systems from the Standpoint of an AI Company00:00:00
Stanford Webinar- Smart Glass-How Metal Ions May Revolutionize Tinting and Energy Efficienc00:00:00
Stanford Webinar: How to Build a Sustainable Organization00:00:00
Stanford Webinar: The Pursuit of Sustainability00:00:00
Stanford Webinar: The Pursuit of Sustainability00:00:00
Stanford Seminar: Startups with Energy and Environment Solutions for China Market00:00:00
Solar Cells00:00:00
Program Overview – Energy Innovation and Emerging Technologies00:00:00
Energy: From an Engineering Perspective00:00:00
Entrepreneurship in Engineering and Science-Based Industries00:00:00
A Conversation About Energy00:00:00
A Conversation About Energy00:00:00
One Day Without Energy00:00:00
Stanford Faculty – Meet Chris Somerville00:00:00

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