Energy Conversion

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Electric machines are a technology of choice in many modern energy conversion applications, including propulsion for hybrid-electric vehicles, wind energy generation, and flywheel energy storage systems. Interest in machines is steadily increasing due in large part to the flexibility of controls offered by modern computers and power electronic devices.

In this course, the tools required for the analysis and design of electromechanical energy conversion are developed. Upon completion of the course, a student’s engineering toolbox should contain 1) an understanding of the basic principles of static and electromechanical energy conversion, 2) methods to control static power converters, 3) knowledge of the use of reference frame theory applied to the analysis of rotating devices, 4) an understanding of the steady-state and dynamic characteristics of induction, permanent magnet synchronous, and wound-rotor synchronous machines and 5) state variable analysis of electromechanical devices and converter supplied electromechanical drive systems.

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn Psychrometry
  • Learn Air conditioning Cycles and Refrigeration
  • Learn Fuels and Combustion
  • Learn IC Engines
  • Learn Flow through Nozzles
  • and much more

Topics for this course

28 Lessons

Energy Conversion

Lecture-1 Introduction00:00:00
Lecture-2 Psychrometry00:00:00
Lecture-3 Psychrometric processes00:00:00
Lecture-4 Psychrometric Processes and Air-conditioning00:00:00
Lecture-5 Airconditioning Cycles and Refrigeration00:00:00
Lecture-6 Refrigeration Cycles00:00:00
Lecture-7 Fuels and Combustion00:00:00
Lecture-8 Stoichiometry and Combustion00:00:00
Lecture-9 IC Engines – SI Engines00:00:00
Lecture -10 Engine Performance and Air Standard Cycles00:00:00
Lecture-11 Otto cycle Analysis and Engine Simulation00:00:00
Lecture-12 Compression Ignition Engines00:00:00
Lecture-13 IC Engine Components and Subsystems00:00:00
Lecture-14 IC engine subsystems and Performance measurement00:00:00
Lecture-15 Compressible flows through passages00:00:00
Lecture-16 Flow through Nozzles00:00:00
Lecture-17 Flow through nozzles at off-design conditions00:00:00
Lecture 18 Nozzle performance, supersaturation, Turbines00:00:00
Lecture 19 Velocity triangles – Impulse turbines00:00:00
Lecture 20 Reaction Turbines00:00:00
Lecture 21 Multi-stage turbines, effect of blade height00:00:00
Lecture 22 Losses in turbines – Turbine Efficiency00:00:00
Lecture 23 Other (than steam) turbines00:00:00
Lecture 24 Pumps and Compressors00:00:00
Lecture 25 Steam Power Plants00:00:00
Lecture 26 Subsystems of steam power plants – Pumps and their selection00:00:00
Lecture 27 Gas turbine power plants and Aircraft gas turbines00:00:00
Lecture 28 Combined Cycle – Combined Heat and Power Cycles00:00:00
Energy Conversion
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