Embedded Systems Design

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This course on Embedded systems will first the students to the fundamental requirements of embedded systems and the interaction between hardware and software in such systems. Next, the course will discuss some basic steps of hardware design, introduce the students to ASIPs, ASICs, and FPGAs.

Next, the students will be exposed to the very important issue of designing for less power consumption and introduce them to the techniques that are adapted to this end. Since many of the embedded systems will have real-time constraints, basic issues of real-time operating systems will be discussed. This will be followed by formal specification models and languages, mapping the specification to hardware and software components along with decisions on design tradeoffs and hardware-software partitioning. Next, the synthesis of hardware and software along with a few of the optimization techniques will be presented. The course will end with a brief overview of design verification methods that are adopted for embedded system design.



What Will I Learn?

  • -Introduction to Embedded System, ASICs and ASIPs
  • -Learn how to Design Single Purpose Processors and Optimization
  • -Learn about FPGAs and Synthesis
  • -Learn Verilog Hardware Description Language (Verilog HDL)
  • -Learn about Microcontrollers and Power Aware Embedded System Design
  • -Learn about Real Time Operating System and Real Time Scheduling Algorithms
  • -Learn Modelling and Specification and Design Synthesis also Digital Camera Design and Hardware Software Partitioning
  • -In the end you will learn Design Optimization And Simulation and Verification

Topics for this course

48 Lessons

Embedded Systems Design

General Purpose and ASIPs Processor00:00:00
Designing a Single Purpose Processor00:00:00
Optimization Issues00:00:00
Introduction to FPFA00:00:00
FPGA Contd.00:00:00
Behaviour Synthesis on FPGA using VHDL00:00:00
Tutorial – I00:00:00
Tutorial – II00:00:00
Tutorial – III00:00:00
Tutorial – IV00:00:00
Sensors and Signals00:00:00
Discretization of Signals and A/D Converter00:00:00
Quantization Noise, SNR and D/A Converter00:00:00
Arduino Uno00:00:00
Arduino Uno (Contd.), Serial Communication and Timer00:00:00
Controller Design using Arduino00:00:00
Tutorial – V00:00:00
Power Aware Embedded System – I00:00:00
Power Aware Embedded System – II00:00:00
SD and DD Algorithm00:00:00
Parallel Operations and VLIW00:00:00
Code Efficiency00:00:00
DSP Application and Address Generation Unit00:00:00
Real Time O.S – I00:00:00
Real Time O.S – II00:00:00
RMS Algorithm00:00:00
EDF Algorithm and Resource Constraint Issue00:00:00
Priority Inversion and Priority Inheritance Protocol00:00:00
Modeling and Specification – I00:00:00
Modeling and Specification – II00:00:00
FSM and Statechart00:00:00
Statechart and Statemate Semantics00:00:00
Statecharts (Contd.)00:00:00
Data Flow Model – I00:00:00
Data Flow Model – II00:00:00
Hardware Synthesis – I00:00:00
Hardware Synthesis – II00:00:00
Digital Camera – Iterative Design00:00:00
HW-SW Partitioning00:00:00
Optimization – I00:00:00
Optimization – II00:00:00
Formal Verification00:00:00
Embedded Systems Design
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