Electrical Training advanced Course

  • Course level: Beginner


Electrical Training Course.

In order to understand, make or repair anything electrical from house wiring, automotive wiring, small electronic kits, electric motors, etc. a basic understanding of electricity is needed.

This course will explain the basic principles of electricity along with how to test and apply them.

Electrical Training Course

The course is intended as an introductory course for those who would like to be able to dabble in electronics and electricity. It is not intended to make you a proficient electrician. Remember electricity can be dangerous and have lasting consequences.


The course will consist of video clips/lectures. Images, charts, and brief reading as supplemental information. Quizzes are available for self-assessment and practice of the information.

Who this course is for:

  1. The course is intended for those who want to dabble in electronic kits
  2. If you aren’t afraid of electricity but don’t really understand it.
  3. Increase confidence in testing simple electrical circuits and appliances
  4. IT IS NOT to teach you how to make complicated electrical systems
  5. IT IS NOT intended to teach you how to wire anything
  6. IT IS NOT going to make you an electrician

What Will I Learn?

  • Calculate circuits
  • Explain the interaction of amps, volts, and resistance
  • Explain the interaction of volts, amps, and watts
  • Understand basic safety concerns of electrical circuits

Topics for this course

59 Lessons

Electrical Training Course

Basic Electricity Training00:00:00
How ELECTRICITY works – working principle00:00:00
What is Ground? Earth Ground/Earthing00:00:00
How to Check Earthing is Provided or Not with Test Lamp and Multimeter00:00:00
Cable size Circuit breaker amp size How to calculate What cable00:00:00
Motor Control 10100:00:00
How to wire contactor and motor protection switch – Direct On Line Starter.00:00:00
Learning DOL Starter00:00:00
How to test 3-phase motor using MEGGER. Winding resistance and insulation test.00:00:00
How to wire star-delta motor starter. Power and control circuit.00:00:00
How to wire a contactor and overload – Direct Online Starter.00:00:00
How to wire Soft Starter and contactor. v.100:00:00
Direct on line motor starter diagram.00:00:00
Wiring star-delta motor starter. Power and control circuit.00:00:00
How to wire single phase motor with start/run/permanent capacitors.00:00:00
How to wire forward-reverse motor control and power circuit.00:00:00
3-way switch wiring. Conventional and California diagram.00:00:00
How to wire 3-way lighting circuit00:00:00
how to repair replace broken circuit breaker – multiple Electric outlet not working – fuse box panel00:00:00
What is MCCB Circuit Breaker | Magnetic vs. Thermal trip00:00:00
Molded Case Circuit Breakers Basics – EasyPower00:00:00
Reading HVAC Electrical Wiring Diagrams for Troubleshooting!00:00:00
VFD Drive Training – VFD Troubleshooting00:00:00
VFD Drive Training – VFD Troubleshooting00:00:00
How to do Electrical Troubleshooting of Electrical Motor Control Circuit00:00:00
Electrical Troubleshooting Basics – EricTheCarGuy00:00:00
How to check a 3 phase motor system00:00:00
Industrial Control Panel Basics00:00:00
CNC Machine Electrical Maintenance00:00:00
Troubleshooting Electrical Problems00:00:00
BASIC ELECTRICAL 101 #08 ~ HVAC Thermostat wiring and troubleshooting00:00:00
BASIC ELECTRICAL 101 #08 ~ HVAC Thermostat wiring and troubleshooting00:00:00
Electrical Problems, Electrical Troubleshooting , Troubleshooting Electrical Circuits,00:00:00
Fault Finding on the Level 3 Electrical Course00:00:00
Electric Motor Training Course Part 6: Electrical Troubleshooting00:00:00
Basic Electricity for Service Techs: Ohm’s law, Current Flow, Opens & Shorts00:00:00
About Our Troubleshooting Motor Control Circuits Course00:00:00
OSHA Electrical Wiring Methods Training00:00:00
How to troubleshoot and diagnose a non-working VFD00:00:00
Certificate Courses For Electrical Engineers – Plc Scada00:00:00
Troubleshooting Electrical Control Systems (TECS)00:00:00
5 Tips for an Electrical Apprentice00:00:00
College of Electrical Training00:00:00
Electrical maintenance troubleshooting electrical circuit00:00:00
Electric Motor Training Course Part 5: Mechanical Troubleshooting00:00:00
Basic Electrical Troubleshooting Introduction00:00:00
Following Wiring Diagrams00:00:00
How to use a multimeter / Electrical troubleshooting00:00:00
Basic Residential Wiring00:00:00
Automation Troubleshooting Training / BioForum00:00:00
Digital Multimeters and Troubleshooting00:00:00
Control Relays (Full lecture)00:00:00
How to read an electrical diagram00:00:00
Electrical Meters and Measurements00:00:00
Fuel Pump Electrical Circuits Description and Operation00:00:00
Electrician Training – Reading schematics, electrical timers00:00:00
Circuit Breaker Testing00:00:00
5 of 7 System and Equipment Grounding00:00:00
Electrical Training Course

Enrolment validity: Lifetime