Electrical Power Systems

  • Course level: Beginner


This Electrical Power Systems (EPS) course familiarizes you with the standards and policies of the electric utility industry and provides you with the basic vocabulary used in the business. It introduces the electric power system, from the generation of electricity all the way to the wall plug.

You will learn about the work of (EPS), Components of Electrical Power Systems, using of Electrical Energy, and analysis of loads.

You can differentiate and discriminate electrical standards for various voltages ( high voltages, Medium Voltages, and Low Voltages)

Who this course is for:

  1. Electrical Engineers
  2. Technicians
  3. Students who study Electrical Engineering

What Will I Learn?

  • What is Electrical Power Systems?
  • Components of Electrical Power Systems
  • kinds of Power Plants
  • Electrical Energy
  • Load analysis

Topics for this course

25 Lessons


Introduction to Power System00:00:00
AC Power Supply System00:00:00
Power Cut due to Short Circuit00:00:00
Load Curve00:00:00
Base Load & Peak Load Plants00:00:00
Average Load (Pavg)00:00:00
Plant Load Factor (PLF)00:00:00
Plant Usage Factor (PUF)00:00:00
Utilization Factor00:00:00
Reserve Capacity00:00:00
Demand Factor00:00:00
Diversity Factor00:00:00
Cold Reserve, Hot Reserve, Spinning Reserve & Firm Power00:00:00
Economic Factors (Solved Problem 1)00:00:00
Economic Factors (Solved Problem 2)00:00:00
Economic Factors (Solved Problem 3)00:00:00
Economic Factors (Solved Problem 4)00:00:00
Importance of high Load factor & Diversity Factor00:00:00
Methods to improve Load Factor and Diversity Factor00:00:00
Economic Load Dispatch00:00:00
Economic Load Dispatch (Solved Problem 1)00:00:00
Economic Load Dispatch (Solved Problem 2)00:00:00
Economic Load Dispatch (Solved Problem 3)00:00:00
Economic Load Dispatch (Solved Problem 4)00:00:00
Generating Power Stations (Introduction)00:00:00
Electrical Power Systems

Enrolment validity: Lifetime


  • You will be familiar with Electrical Power Systems
  • You will know all the components of Electrical Power Systems
  • You will be able to calculate all kinds of power for loads