Electrical Engineering Basics

  • Course level: Beginner


Electrical Engineering (EE). We find electrical equipment everywhere, our homes, offices, industries. By choosing this course, you will come to know about the Basics of(EE), Currents, and Voltages across various Electrical elements and their behavior in both Alternating Current and Direct Current circuits, etc.   And also the analysis of AC waveforms.

You will be able to learn easily by watching our animated videos.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners in Engineering who are curious about the Basics of Electrical

What Will I Learn?

  • Basics of Electrical Engineering

Topics for this course

29 Lessons

Electrical Engineering Basics

How ELECTRICITY works – working principle00:00:00
Electrical Current Explained – AC DC, fuses, circuit breakers, multimeter, GFCI, ampere00:00:00
Voltage Explained – What is Voltage? Basic electricity potential difference00:00:00
DC Series circuits explained – The basics working principle00:00:00
DC parallel circuits explained – The basics how parallel circuits work working principle00:00:00
Ohms Law Explained – The basics circuit theory00:00:00
Diodes Explained – The basics how diodes work working principle pn junction00:00:00
Inductors Explained – The basics how inductors work working principle00:00:00
How Batteries Work – Battery electricity working principle00:00:00
How does an Electric Motor work? DC Motor explained00:00:00
How Relays Work – Basic working principle electronics engineering electrician amp00:00:00
What is a kWh – kilowatt hour + CALCULATIONS00:00:00
How does a Transformer work – Working Principle electrical engineering00:00:00
How Alternators Work – Automotive Electricity Generator00:00:00
How A Car Battery Works – basic working principle00:00:00
How does an Induction Motor work how it works 3 phase motor ac motor00:00:00
Power Factor Explained – The basics what is power factor pf00:00:00
Single Phase Electricity Explained – wiring diagram energy meter00:00:00
120V 240V Electricity explained – Split phase 3 wire00:00:00
3 Way Switches Explained – How to wire 3 way light switch00:00:00
Four Way Switching Explained – How to wire 4 way intermediate light switch00:00:00
How Receptacles Work – The basic working principle explained grounding00:00:00
Ground Neutral and Hot wires explained00:00:00
Three Phase Electricity Basics and Calculations electrical engineering00:00:00
How Three Phase Electricity works – The basics explained00:00:00
Variable Frequency Drives Explained – VFD Basics IGBT inverter00:00:00
Star Delta Starter Explained – Working Principle00:00:00
How Inverters Work – Working principle rectifier00:00:00
Time Delay Relays Explained – How timing relays work hvacr00:00:00
Electrical Engineering Basics
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