Disability Studies

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Disability Studies

This is a high-level overview of the new topic of disability studies. Disability studies is a multidisciplinary field that incorporates literature, political theory, and assistive technology.

Course Plan


Week 1: Getting Started Parts 1&2 of the Social Model of Disability, Medical Model of Disability, and Disability Definition: An Evolving Phenomenon Stigma: A Universal Phenomenon, Disability and Stigma
Week 2: Key Concepts, Parts 1&2 of Ableism Disability Models, Disability Activism Interdependence, Activism, and Dependency

Week 3: Key Concepts: Blindness, the metaphor of blindness, Eugenics, Disability Pride, Disability Resilience, and Disability Passing

Week 4: Disabilities, Ideas, and Disciplines: Assistive Technology: An Interview with Prof. Madhusudan Rao, Disability and Ethnography: An Interview with Prof. Madhusudan Rao,

Week 5: Disabilities, Ideas, and Disciplines: Assistive Technology: An Interview with Prof. Madhusudan Rao, Prof. James Staple is interviewed.

Week 6: Ideas, and Disciplines Gender and Disability: An Interview with Prof Tanya Titchkosky, Dyslexia and the Modern University

Topics for this course

40 Lessons

An interview with Dr Satyendra Singh

An interview with Dr Shubha Ranganathan54:21
An interview with Dr Sona Kazemi58:47
Blindness as Tapas29:32
Disability and Fiction29:47
Kubla Khan by Samuel Taylor Coleridge1:02:43
Dr Garimella Subramaniam01:12:01
Dr Sheela Lakshmi01:18:36
mod01lec01 – Disability Definition: An Evolving Phenomenon27:53
mod01lec02 – Medical Model of Disability25:06
mod01lec03 – Social Model of Disability: Part 124:28
mod01lec04 – Social Model of Disability: Part 225:01
mod01lec05 – Stigma: A Universal Phenomenon00:00:00
mod01lec06 – Stigma and Disability: What can we learn?00:24:12
mod02lec07 – Ableism: Part 100:22:38
mod02lec08 – Ableism: Part 200:27:35
mod02lec09 – Disability Activism00:28:37
mod02lec10 – Models of Disability Activism00:29:52
mod02lec11 – Dependency00:31:46
mod02lec12 – Interdependence00:29:53
mod03lec13 – Blindness00:27:26
mod03lec14 – Blindness as metaphor00:28:04
mod03lec15 – Eugenics00:28:09
mod03lec16 – Disability Pride00:29:04
mod03lec17 – Disability Resilience00:31:30
mod03lec18 – Disability Passing: The musings of the blue Jackal00:27:21
mod03lec19 – Coming out: A performance in disability inhabitation00:28:28
mod04lec20 – Assistive Technology: An interview with Prof. Madhusudan Rao00:59:44
mod04lec21 – Disability and Ethnography: An Interview with Prof. James Staple00:56:46
mod05lec22 – Schizophrenia: A Personal Account – An interview with Reshma Valliappan01:03:14
mod05lec23 – Autism and the Indian Family: An interview with Dr. Shubhangi Vaidhya00:59:00
mod06lec24 – Dyslexia and the Modern University: An Interview with Prof. Tanya Titchkosky00:56:10
mod06lec25 – Gender and Disability: Interviews with Prof. Anita Ghai00:43:50
mod06lec26 – Gender and Disability: Interviews with Prof. Nandini Ghosh00:36:49
mod07lec27 – The Normal and its End: An interview with Prof. Lennard Davis – Part 100:29:11
mod07lec28 – The Normal and its End – Part 200:25:47
mod07lec29 – Literary Disability Studies: An Interview with Dr. Shilpa Anand00:54:56
mod07lec30 – What is Deaf Culture? An Interview with Dr. Michele Friedner00:52:45
mod08lec31 – Disability and Life Writing00:27:06
mod08lec32 – Disability and Metaphor00:30:29
mod08lec33 – Conclusion00:18:33

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