Differential Equations

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This course is a study of ordinary differential equations (DE) with applications in the physical and social sciences.

Topics include Definitions and Terminology, Solutions, Implicit Solutions, Families of Solutions, and Systems of Differential Equations.

This course contains a series of video tutorials that are broken up into various levels. Each video builds upon the previous one. Level I videos lay out the theoretical framework to successfully tackle problems covered in the next videos.

These videos can be used as a stand-alone course or as a supplement to your current DE class.

This course is for anyone who wants to fortify their understanding of differential equations or anyone that wishes to learn DE can benefit from this course.

Who this course is for:

  1. College Students

What Will I Learn?

  • Fortify your understanding of Differential Equations

Topics for this course

38 Lessons

Differential Equations

The Plan for Differential Equations00:00:00
Introduction to Differential Equations00:00:00
Checking Solutions in Differential Equations00:00:00
Introduction to Initial Value Problems00:00:00
Introduction to Time Rate of Change00:00:00
Solving Basic Differential Equations with Integration00:00:00
Differential Equations with Velocity and Acceleration00:00:00
Problem Solving with Velocity and Acceleration00:00:00
Introduction to Slope Fields00:00:00
Applications of Slope Fields00:00:00
Existence and Uniqueness of Solutions00:00:00
Separable Differential Equations00:00:00
Separable Equations with Initial Values00:00:00
Applications with Separable Equations00:00:00
Introduction to Linear Differential Equations and Integrating Factors00:00:00
Solving Linear Differential Equations with an Integrating Factor00:00:00
Domain Restrictions In Differential Equations and Integrating Factors00:00:00
Special Integration in a Linear Differential Equation Problem00:00:00
Mixture Problems in Linear Differential Equations00:00:00
Substitutions for Homogeneous First Order Differential Equations00:00:00
Solving Homogeneous First Order Differential Equations00:00:00
Solving Differential Equations with a Composition00:00:00
How to Solve Bernoulli Differential Equations00:00:00
Solving Differential Equations with Embedded Derivative Substitutions00:00:00
How Embedded Derivatives Can Make Differential Equations Easier00:00:00
Reducible Second Order Differential Equations, Missing Y00:00:00
Reducible Second Order Differential Equations, Missing X00:00:00
What are Exact Differential Equations00:00:00
Solving Exact Differential Equations00:00:00
Integrating Factor for Exact Differential Equations00:00:00
Introduction to Population Models and Logistic Equation00:00:00
Basic Population Models in Differential Equations00:00:00
Birth Rates and Death Rates in Differential Equations00:00:00
Using Partial Fractions in Differential Equations00:00:00
Population Growth and Decline00:00:00
Equilibrium Solutions and Stability of Differential Equations00:00:00
Stability of Critical Points00:00:00
Harvesting Populations in Differential Equations00:00:00
Differential Equations
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  • Calculus I (Differential Calculus)
  • Calculus II (Integral Calculus)