Current Trends in Data Science the complete guide

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Current Trends in Data Science (DS)

There is absolutely no doubt that this decade has bought loads of innovation in Artificial Intelligence. Besides Artificial Intelligence, we are witnessing a massive boost in the data generated from thousands of sources. The fact that millions of devices are responsible for this enormous spike in data brings us to the topic of its smart utilization.

Data Science also benefits data mining and big data. Brought into the mainstream in the year 2001, Data Science has been evolving ever since and is rated as one of the most exciting career paths of all time.

Trends in (DC)

With the diversity in data problems and requirements, comes a broad range of innovative solutions. These solutions often bring with themselves a host of data science trends granting businesses the agility they require while offering them deeper insights into their data. A few of these top Data

1. Graph Analytics

2. Data Fabric

3. Data Privacy by Design

4. Augmented Analytics


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Current Trends in Data Science

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Current Trends in Data Science

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