Creo 6.0

  • Course level: Intermediate


Creo 6.0. This is a streamlined course to take you from knowing nothing about PTC Creo parametric/ Pro-Engineering to give you all the knowledge and skills needed to become a PTC Creo Parametric Certified professional. This course should enable you to, with confidence, use PTC Creo parametric to design your next innovation. After this course, you can proudly list your PTC Creo parametric skills in your resume.

We are following a learn-by-doing approach for you to truly master all the skills needed for the certification test.

You can perfectly follow this course if you have PTC Creo parametric versions 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, and 6.0. However, this course is delivered using PTC Creo Parametric 6.0

What Am I Going To Learn?

If you are wondering what you are going to learn or what are the things this course will teach you before free downloading Creo 6.0 Parametric I Pro/ENGINEER: Parametric 3D Modeling, then here are some of the things:

  1. You will Learn Creo Parametric Advanced Courses
  2. Sketch Geometry Creation
  3. Sketch Geometry Modification
  4. 3d Solid Geometry Creation
  5. Advance 3d Modeling
  6. 3d Solid Geometry Modification
  7. Sheet Metal Module
  8. Surface Modeling
  9. Assembly Modeling
  10. Drawing View
  11. Material and Rendering
  12. Mechanism

Is This Creo 6.0 Course Right For Me?

If you are still confused whether you should free download Creo 6.0 Parametric I Pro/ENGINEER: Parametric 3D Modeling or is it the course you are actually looking for, then you should know that this course is best for:

  1. Engineering student
  2. Production Engineers
  3. Mechanical engineers
  4. Designers, Engineers, Makers, and Hobbyist


What Will I Learn?

  • Tips of Basic part modeling with object creation
  • Geometric Advance solid modeling module
  • Tips of Advance Part modeling with object creation
  • Family geometric
  • Surface modeling
  • Assembly module
  • Drawing View
  • module
  • Mechanism module
  • Rendering module
  • Simulation module

Topics for this course

53 Lessons

Creo 6.0

What’s New00:00:00
Basic 3D Modeling Exercise for Beginners in Creo Parametric 6.000:00:00
Advanced 3d Modeling Tutorial in Creo Parametric00:00:00
The Top Productivity and Usability Enhancements You Should Try From Creo 4.0–6.0 Lesson00:00:00
Creo Parametric 6.0 First Look!00:00:00
Family Tables | Part Modeling00:00:00
Copy Geometry Feature | Top Down Design00:00:00
Creo Parametric – Assembly Family Tables00:00:00
Managing Your Model in Augmented Reality (AR)00:00:00
Notification of Maintenance Releases00:00:00
Improved User Experience Working with Features00:00:00
Appearance of the Model Tree is Easier to Control00:00:00
Active Component Is Easier to See in the Model Tree00:00:00
Modernized and Improved Charting Tool00:00:00
Working with Tie Wraps Is Easier00:00:00
Working with Markers is Easier00:00:00
Creating Tables in Creo Harness Manufacturing00:00:00
Customization is Easier in Creo Harness Manufacturing00:00:00
Error Handling is Improved in Creo Harness Manufacturing00:00:00
Support for Assemblies in Topology Optimization00:00:00
Results in Topology Optimization Are Improved00:00:00
Facet Editing Is Supported in Topology Optimization00:00:00
Select the Level of Detail for Geometry Reconstruction in Topology Optimization00:00:00
Reconstruct Geometry from an Optimized Model, in Freestyle00:00:00
Resolve Mode Is Improved in Style00:00:00
Enhanced Productivity and Usability When Working with Wall Features00:00:00
Enhanced Projection of Datum Points00:00:00
More Flexibility When Working with Annotation Features in Model-Based Definition00:00:00
Improved Handling Between Parent and Child for Annotations in Model-Based Definition00:00:00
New and Updated Checks00:00:00
Reports Are Improved in Creo ModelCHECK00:00:00
Modernized Notes in Model-Based Definition and Detailed Drawings00:00:00
Enhanced Propagation of Annotation Elements for Data Sharing in Model-Based Definition00:00:00
Customize Default Connections in Style00:00:00
Soft Point Collector Is Added to Edit Curve in Style00:00:00
Mini Toolbar Is Supported in Freestyle00:00:00
Suppressing Shapes in Freestyle00:00:00
Displaying Align Regions in the Freestyle Tree00:00:00
Use Render Studio When Outputting Movies00:00:00
Emissive Appearance Is Supported with Creo 6.000:00:00
Dynamic B-Axis Tuning in Subtractive Manufacturing00:00:00
Build Direction Command Is Added in Additive Manufacturing00:00:00
Slicing for 3D Printing in Additive Manufacturing00:00:00
Faster Computation of Lattices in Additive Manufacturing00:00:00
Formula-Driven Cells for Lattices in Additive Manufacturing00:00:00
Stochastic Lattices Are Available in Additive Manufacturing00:00:00
Material Homogenization for Lattice Simulation in Additive Manufacturing00:00:00
New Lattice Transitions in Additive Manufacturing00:00:00
Custom Is Added as a Lattice Type in Additive Manufacturing00:00:00
Verify Project Command Is Added in AFX00:00:00
Disabling Import Validation00:00:00
Associative Drawing Import from Creo Elements and Direct Supports Cutaway & Partial Views00:00:00
Creo 6.0
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Enrolment validity: Lifetime


  • What Do I Need?
  • These are the very few things you need first before you can free download Creo 6.0 Parametric I Pro/ENGINEER: Parametric 3D Modeling:
  • Basic knowledge for Computer aided design-Drafting
  • Install PTC Creo Parametric software 6.0 or old version in one months or one year
  • Download our section wise practice guidance file and print this file.
  • No prior knowledge. Just the desire to learn and create awesome stuff