Computer Forensics & Fundamentals

  • Course level: Intermediate


Computer Forensics Fundamentals (C|FF) is an entry-level security program covering the fundamental concepts of information security.

Through this program, students can build skills to identify information security threats that reflect on the security posture of the organization and implement general security controls.

(C|FF) will provide:

  1. Foundational concepts about the computer forensics field
  2. Understanding of hexadecimal and hashing in relations to (C|F)
  3. An introductory understanding of what (C|F) is
  4. The process of collecting digital evidence
  5. How do create, mount and explore forensic digital images
  6. Considerations for first responders to a computer crime scene
This course is designed for anyone with an interest in computer forensics to get a taste of the real world of digital forensics examination.

Who this course is for:

  1. Anyone with an interest in (C|F)

What Will I Learn?

  • Understanding what computer forensics is
  • Be able to make a forensics image from a drive
  • Be able to mount a drive for analysis
  • Understand basic artifacts of the operating system
  • Understand basics of first responder to scene and what should be done to secure the digital evidence

Topics for this course

24 Lessons

Computer Forensics Fundamentals

Understanding what computer forensics is00:00:00
Understanding Hash and hexadecimal00:00:00
Understanding HW and filesytems00:00:00
Imaging software00:00:00
Image acquisition00:00:00
Mounting and Exploring an image file00:00:00
First responder supplimental00:00:00
Validating Data Under Windows00:00:00
Evidence Storage00:00:00
Forensic Workstation00:00:00
Capturing Traffic00:00:00
Coroners Toolkit00:00:00
File Systems: Windows-Based00:00:00
Boot Processes00:00:00
Volatile Information00:00:00
OSI Reference Model00:00:00
UNIX Tools00:00:00
Dynamic Malware Analysis00:00:00
SIM Cards00:00:00
Steganography Techniques: Images And Video00:00:00
Wireless Tools00:00:00
60 £

Enrolment validity: Lifetime


  • Basic knowledge of computers and ability to run software applications