Computer Aided Engineering Drawing

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This Computer Aided course is all about learning the elements of Technical / Engineering Drawing. A picture is worth a thousand words and animation is worth a thousand pictures. And by the end of this course, you will realize, how easy it gets to learn stuff by animations. This is not merely a subject to consume, but, it’s a language that allows engineers across various disciplines to communicate. This course is relevant across all disciplines of Engineering be it Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, or Computer Science. This is a mandatory first-year course in most of the universities globally.


Who this Computer-Aided course is for:

  1. Students who are about to enter into their First Year of Bachelor of Engineering regardless of their branch.
  2. This course will also prove beneficial for school-going students who have opted for Engineering Graphics or Engineering Drawing in their 11th and 12th Grade.
  3. Students of Diploma and Polytechnic can also enroll in this course as Engineering Drawing is a mandatory subject.

What Will I Learn?

  • After the end of this course, you guys will be able to interpret & comprehend technical drawings from the perspective of an Engineer.
  • Your imagination power will be elevated to a different level as you will be able to perceive object's orientation and simultaneously be able to prepare its Orthographic Projections.

Topics for this course

16 Lessons

Computer Aided Engineering Drawing

How to install AutoCAD software00:00:00
Introduction to projection of solids00:00:00
Projection of solids Square Prism00:00:00
Projection of solids Pentagonal Prism 100:00:00
Projection of Solids Pentagonal Pyramid00:00:00
Isometric Projections Introduction00:00:00
Isometric Projections Combinations of Solids Part 100:00:00
Isometric Projections Combination of Solids Part 200:00:00
Isometric Projections Combination of Solids Part 300:00:00
Isometric Projections Combination of Solids Part 400:00:00
Isometric Projections Combination of Solids Part 500:00:00
Isometric Projections Combinations of Solids Part 600:00:00
Isometric Projections How to Draw Basic Shapes in different planes of projection00:00:00
Isometric Projection Solving Using AutoCAD00:00:00
Computer Aided
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Enrolment validity: Lifetime


  • Fundamentals of Geometry as in using compass, protractor to make two dimensional shapes.
  • Set of Pencils (H,2H,3H and 4H), a minidrafter, protractor, compass or a rounder and good number of drawing sheets is all you need.
  • Well Patience, Hard Work and hunger towards learning is what i expect the most from you all.