Colloquium on Computer Systems Part 01

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Colloquium on Computer Systems (CSs) Part 01

Learn from industry experts about cutting-edge research in the design, implementation, analysis, and application of (CSs).

Integrated circuits, operating systems, and programming languages are only a few of the topics covered. Learn about current and future opportunities as well as difficulties in the field of computer systems firsthand.

Among the topics discussed are:


Physics of the device

Circuits with integrated circuits



VC (Venture Capital)

Copyright and patent law

Security on the computer


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Topics for this course

34 Lessons

How to Invent the Future by Playing Online Games: SuperStruct

Excubate: A New Model of New Technology Business Development1:23:55
Issues in Mainstream Clusters00:00:00
Towards a Global Scale Public Computer00:00:00
Google App Engine00:00:00
Scalable Privacy-Friendly Client Cloud Computing00:00:00
Future Computer Memory00:00:00
Self and Self: Whys and Wherefores00:00:00
Construction of De Novo Biological Process Control Circuits00:00:00
DRAM Errors in the Wild: A Large-Scale Field Study00:00:00
Wave Glider: An Autonomous Wave-Powered Sensor Platform00:00:00
Starting a Productivity Revolution in Parallel Computation00:00:00
Rethinking Time in Distributed Systems00:00:00
PortLand: Scaling Data Center Networks to 100,000 Ports and Beyond00:00:00
Biologically Inspired Machine Learning00:00:00
HipHop Compiler for PHP? Transforming PHP into C++00:00:00
Another Go at Language Design00:00:00
BigDog, the Rough-Terrain Robot00:00:00
Smart Endpoints vs. Smart Networks00:00:00
Enabling Paper-Like Displays: Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing00:00:00
Snowmelt Runoff, Fourth Paradigm, & the End of Stationarity00:00:00
The $99 Laptop Revolution00:00:00
Perspectives on Venture Capital Industry00:00:00
Elements of Programming00:00:00
Interactive Evolution of Camouflage00:00:00
Building Software Systems At Google and Lessons Learned00:00:00
Perspectives on Social Phenomena in Online Networks00:00:00
Design of Video Collaboration00:00:00
The Process of Innovation00:00:00
Using Technology to Rethink How We Teach and Learn00:00:00
Parsing with Derivatives00:00:00
Python in Python: The PyPy System00:00:00
Recent Advances in the Use of DNA as a Building Material00:00:00
How to Program the Many Cores For Inconsistency Robustness00:00:00

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