Clock Tree Synthesis

  • Course level: Intermediate


Clock Tree Networks are Pillars and Columns of a Chip. With Clock Tree Synthesis this series of lectures, we have explored on-site concepts applied in the VLSI industry. It is a One-Stop-Shop to understand industrial VLSI circuits.

The videos will develop an analytical approach to tackle technical challenges while building the Clock Tree.

Who this course is for:

  1. Individuals keen to learn about VLSI and Chip World

What Will I Learn?

  • -CTS Quality Checks (Skew, Power, Latency, etc.)
  • -H-Tree
  • -Quality Check of H-Tree
  • -Clock Tree Buffering
  • -Buffered H-Tree
  • -H-Tree with uneven spread of Flops
  • -Advanced H-Tree for Million Flops
  • -Power Aware CTS (clock gating)
  • -Static Timing Analysis with Clock Tree

Topics for this course

49 Lessons

Clock Tree Synthesis

What is Clock Tree Synthesis??00:00:00
How to do the Skew Pulse Width Quality Checks??00:00:00
How to do Duty Cycle Latency Quality Checks??00:00:00
How to do Latency Power Quality Check??00:00:00
How to do Power Quality Check?00:00:00
How to do Power Crosstalk Quality Check?00:00:00
What is the Delta Delay Quality Check?00:00:00
What is Glitch Quality Check?00:00:00
What is H-tree Skew Check?00:00:00
How to do H-Tree Pulse Width Duty Cycle Check?00:00:00
What is H- tree Latency Power Check?00:00:00
What is Clock Tree Modelling?00:00:00
How to do Clock Tree Buffering?00:00:00
How to do Clock Tree Building?00:00:00
How to do Clock Tree Observations?00:00:00
What is H- Tree Observations?00:00:00
How to do H-Tree Skew Check?00:00:00
What is H-Tree Pulse Width Check Regular And Clock Buffer?00:00:00
What is the Inverter Resistance Difference?00:00:00
What is Inverter Resistance Match Solution?00:00:00
H-Tree CBUF Pulse Width Check MET00:00:00
How to do Duty Cycle Latency Power Check?00:00:00
How is Dynamic Short Circuit Power Revisited?00:00:00
What is Leakage Power Revisit?00:00:00
What is the Optimization Checklist?00:00:00
Short Circuit Current Revisited00:00:00
How is Leakage Power Revisited?00:00:00
Clock Tree Optimized00:00:00
Optimized Clock Tree Power Latency Check00:00:00
Clock Tree Uneven Clk EndPoints Spread00:00:00
Logical To Physical Connection00:00:00
Uneven clock Endpoints HTree CheckList00:00:00
Advanced HTree Million Flops00:00:00
Power Aware CTS Intro To Gates00:00:00
Intro-To Delay Tables00:00:00
Delay Table Usage-100:00:00
Delay Table Usage-200:00:00
Clock Gating Using AND Gate and Skew Cal00:00:00
Skew Issue Solution00:00:00
OR_AND_simultaneous clock gating technique00:00:00
NAND gates as clock gating cells00:00:00
Clock Gating Technique on Real Chip00:00:00
How to do Setup timing Analysis Real Clocks?00:00:00
What is Data Arrival And Required Time ?00:00:00
Setup Timing Degrade by unbalanced Skew00:00:00
Hold Timing Analysis Real Clocks00:00:00
How is Hold Timing Degrade by unbalanced Skew?00:00:00
What are the steps to do CTS ?00:00:00
VLSI Academy CTS- CMOS Inverter PMOS/NMOS Matching Switching Resistance Solution00:00:00
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  • -Individuals having Basic Knowledge of Electrical and Electronics