CCSP Exam Prep

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CCSP Exam Prep. Many organizations may make the mistake of skipping architecture and going straight to design.

This can be avoided by selecting a cloud service provider that fits your business requirements. In this course, Cloud Security: Introduction to Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP), you will learn foundational knowledge of how to translate business requirements into selection criteria for a cloud service provider. First, you will learn how to identify which cloud architecture best meets your business requirements. Next, you will discover how to use security architecture to develop a secure cloud consumption strategy. Finally, you will explore how to select a cloud service provider and meet regulatory requirements. When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge needed to select and consume cloud services securely.


What Will I Learn?

  • In-depth coverage of the six domains required to pass the CCSP exam:
  • Architectural concepts and design requirements
  • Cloud data security
  • Cloud platform and infrastructure security
  • Cloud application security
  • Operations
  • Legal and compliance

Topics for this course

26 Lessons

CCSP Exam Prep

CCSP Certification Dumps00:00:00
Cloud Computing Characteristics00:00:00
Cryptography: Asset Security00:00:00
Security Best Practices00:00:00
CCSP overview webinar00:00:00
Cloud Security Professional Training00:00:00
Cloud Computing Tutorial for Beginners00:00:00
Roles of Cloud Computing00:00:00
Cloud Computing Deployment Models00:00:00
Cloud Computing Service Models00:00:00
Understanding Cloud Computing Stack00:00:00
CCSP Ecast Training 201300:00:00
CCSP PN Training 2 11 14 0 000:00:00
Asset Access Control00:00:00
How It Works: Cloud Security00:00:00
Public, Private & Hybrid Clouds00:00:00
Cloud Computing Fundamentals00:00:00
Asset Removal and Storage Media Sanitization00:00:00
how to install windows server 2016 in AWS EC200:00:00
Block Storage vs. File Storage00:00:00
Differences Between Object Storage vs Block Storage in the Cloud00:00:00
Object Storage, Block Storage, and File Storage – vSAN Architecture00:00:00
Introduction to Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)00:00:00
What is Object Storage?00:00:00
AWS Tutorial For Beginners00:00:00
How to Learn Coding for Pentesting and Bug Hunting00:00:00
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  • -Experienced information security professionals with at least five years of IT experience, including three years of information security and at least one year of cloud security experience.
  • -CISSP Certification Prep Course is also highly recommended (9803)