Black Hat USA 2020 part 2

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Black Hat USA 2020 part 2

Now in its 23rd year, Black Hat USA is the world’s leading information security event, providing attendees with the very latest security research, development, and trends. BlackHat USA 2020 will be entirely virtual this year, held over the same dates, August 1-6 in Pacific Daylight Time (UTC−07:00).

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Topics for this course

31 Lessons

Black Hat USA 2020 part 2

Hacking the Voter: Lessons from a Decade of Russian Military Operations00:00:00
Detecting Access Token Manipulation00:00:00
Escaping Virtualized Containers00:00:00
Ruling StarCraft Game Spitefully — Exploiting the Blind Spot of AI-Powered Game Bots00:00:00
Practical Defenses Against Adversarial Machine Learning00:00:00
Reverse Engineering the Tesla Battery Management System to increase Power Available00:00:00
Needing the DoH: The Ongoing Encryption and Centralization of DNS00:00:00
Policy Implications of Faulty Cyber Risk Models and How to Fix Them00:00:00
A Little Less Speculation, a Little More Action: Deep Dive into Fuchsia’s Mitigations for CPU Side..00:00:00
Kr00k: Serious Vulnerability Affected Encryption of Billion+ Wi-Fi Devices00:00:00
Experimenting with Real-Time Event Feeds00:00:00
Black-Box Laser Fault Injection on a Secure Memory00:00:00
Portable Document Flaws 10100:00:00
Breaking VSM by Attacking SecureKernel00:00:00
TiYunZong Exploit Chain to Remotely Root Modern Android Devices – Pwn Android Phones from 2015-202000:00:00
I calc’d Calc – Exploiting Excel Online00:00:00
Reversing the Root: Identifying the Exploited Vulnerability in 0-days Used In-The-Wild00:00:00
Breaking Brains, Solving Problems: Lessons Learned from 2 Years of Setting puzzles for InfoSec Pros00:00:00
Room for Escape: Scribbling Outside the Lines of Template Security00:00:00
Breaking Samsung’s Root of Trust: Exploiting Samsung S10 Secure Boot00:00:00
IoT Skimmer: Energy Market Manipulation through High-Wattage IoT Botnets00:00:00
Improving Mental Models of End-to-End Encrypted Communication00:00:00
Exploiting Kernel Races through Taming Thread Interleaving00:00:00
Fooling Windows through Superfetch00:00:00
Compromising the macOS Kernel through Safari by Chaining Six Vulnerabilities00:00:00
Dive into Apple IO80211FamilyV200:00:00
HTTP Request Smuggling in 2020 – New Variants, New Defenses and New Challenges00:00:00
Demigod: The Art of Emulating Kernel Rootkits00:00:00
Spectra: Breaking Separation Between Wireless Chips00:00:00
Stealthily Access Your Android Phones: Bypass the Bluetooth Authentication00:00:00
An Unauthenticated Journey to Root: Pwning Your Company’s Enterprise Software Servers00:00:00
Black Hat USA 2020

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