Black Hat USA 2017 part 1

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Black Hat USA 2017 part 1

Now in its 20th year, Black Hat is the world’s leading information security event, providing attendees with the very latest in research, development, and trends. BlackHat USA 2017 kicks off with four days of technical Training (July 22-25) followed by the two-day main conference (July 26-27) featuring Briefings, Arsenal, Business Hall, and more.


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Black Hat USA 2017 part 1

Black Hat USA 2017 Keynote00:00:00
Making Diversity a Priority in Security00:00:00
Ochko123 – How the Feds Caught Russian Mega-Carder Roman Seleznev00:00:00
Revoke-Obfuscation: PowerShell Obfuscation Detection (And Evasion) Using Science00:00:00
Breaking the x86 Instruction Set00:00:00
Cloak & Dagger: From Two Permissions to Complete Control of the UI Feedback Loop00:00:00
Ichthyology: Phishing as a Science00:00:00
Broadpwn: Remotely Compromising Android and iOS via a Bug in Broadcom’s Wi-Fi Chipsets00:00:00
Cracking the Lens: Targeting HTTP’s Hidden Attack-Surface00:00:00
An ACE Up the Sleeve: Designing Active Directory DACL Backdoors00:00:00
(in)Security in Building Automation: How to Create Dark Buildings with Light Speed00:00:00
Behind the Plexiglass Curtain: Stats and Stories from the Black Hat NOC00:00:00
How We Created the First SHA-1 Collision and What it Means for Hash Security00:00:00
Bochspwn Reloaded: Detecting Kernel Memory Disclosure with x86 Emulation and Taint Tracking00:00:00
Exploiting Network Printers00:00:00
Why Most Cyber Security Training Fails and What We Can Do About it00:00:00
Breaking the Laws of Robotics: Attacking Industrial Robots00:00:00
Infecting the Enterprise: Abusing Office365+Powershell for Covert C200:00:00
Digital Vengeance: Exploiting the Most Notorious C&C Toolkits00:00:00
Network Automation is Not Your Safe Haven00:00:00
Developing Trust and Gitting Betrayed00:00:00
How Abusing Docker API Led to Remote Code Execution, Same Origin Bypass & more00:00:00
Attacking Encrypted USB Keys the Hard(ware) Way00:00:00
Game of Chromes: Owning the Web with Zombie Chrome Extensions00:00:00
Challenges of Cooperation Across Cyberspace00:00:00
Black Hat USA 2017

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