Black Hat USA 2016 part 01

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Black Hat USA 2016 part 01

Black Hat – built by and for the global InfoSec community – returns to Las Vegas for its 19th year. This six-day event begins with four days of intense Training for security practitioners of all levels (July 30 – August 2) followed by the two-day main event including over 100 independently selected Briefings, Business Hall, Arsenal, Pwnie Awards, and more (August 3-4).

Topics for this course

25 Lessons

Black Hat USA 2016 part 01

Keynote: The Hidden Architecture of our Time: Why This Internet Worked, How We Could Lose It…00:00:00
When the Cops Come A-Knocking: Handling Technical Assistance Demands from Law Enforcement00:00:00
Certificate Bypass: Hiding and Executing Malware from a Digitally Signed Executable00:00:00
HEIST: HTTP Encrypted Information can be Stolen Through TCP-Windows00:00:00
A Lightbulb Worm?00:00:00
AirBnBeware: Short Term Rentals Long Term Pwnage00:00:00
HTTP Cookie Hijacking in the Wild: Security and Privacy Implications00:00:00
Behind the Scenes of iOS Security00:00:00
Panel: Removing Roadblocks to Diversity00:00:00
Defense at Hyperscale: Technologies and Policies for a Defensible Cyberspace00:00:00
A Retrospective on the Use of Export Cryptography00:00:00
Abusing Bleeding Edge Web Standards for Appsec Glory00:00:00
Augmenting Static Analysis Using Pintool: Ablation00:00:00
Beyond the Mcse: Active Directory for the Security Professional00:00:00
Breaking Payment Points of Interaction (POI)00:00:00
Can You Trust Me Now? An Exploration Into the Mobile Threat Landscape00:00:00
Capturing 0Day Exploits With Perfectly Placed Hardware Traps00:00:00
HTTP/2 & Quic – Teaching Good Protocols to Do Bad Things00:00:00
The Linux Kernel Hidden Inside Windows 1000:00:00
$Hell on Earth: From Browser to System Compromise00:00:00
A Journey From JNDI/LDAP Manipulation to Remote Code Execution Dream Land00:00:00
Applied Machine Learning for Data Exfil and Other Fun Topics00:00:00
Exploiting Curiosity and Context: How to Make People Click on a Dangerous Link…00:00:00
Hackproofing Oracle Ebusiness Suite00:00:00
Measuring Adversary Costs to Exploit Commercial Software…00:00:00
Black Hat USA 2016

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