Black Hat USA 2015 part 05

  • Course level: Beginner


Black Hat USA 2015 part 05

Black Hat – built by and for the global InfoSec community – returns to Las Vegas for its 18th year. This six-day event begins with four days of intense Training for security practitioners of all levels (August 1-4) followed by the two-day main event including over 100 independently selected Briefings, Business Hall, Arsenal, Pwnie Awards, and more (August 5-6).

Topics for this course

18 Lessons

Black Hat USA 2015 part 05

Understanding The Attack Surface And Attack Resilience Of Project Spartan’s New EdgeHTML…00:00:00
Using Static Binary Analysis To Find Vulnerabilities And Backdoors In Firmware00:00:00
API Deobfuscator: Resolving Obfuscated API Functions In Modern Packers00:00:00
Understanding And Managing Entropy Usage00:00:00
Unicorn: Next Generation CPU Emulator Framework00:00:00
These Are Not Your Grand Daddy’s CPU Performance Counters – CPU Hardware Performance Counters…00:00:00
Stranger Danger! What Is The Risk From 3rd Party Libraries?00:00:00
Behind The Mask: The Agenda, Tricks, And Tactics Of The Federal Trade Commission…00:00:00
THIS IS DeepERENT: Tracking App Behaviors With (Nothing Changed) Phone…00:00:00
Taxonomic Modeling Of Security Threats In Software Defined Networking00:00:00
The Kali Linux Dojo Workshop #1: Rolling Your Own – Generating Custom Kali Linux 2.0 ISOs00:00:00
The Kali Linux Dojo Workshop #2: Kali USB Setups With Persistent Stores And LUKS Nuke Support00:00:00
BGP Stream00:00:00
Review And Exploit Neglected Attack Surfaces In iOS 800:00:00
Breaking Payloads With Runtime Code Stripping And Image Freezing00:00:00
Dom Flow – Untangling The DOM For More Easy-Juicy Bugs00:00:00
Information Access And Information Sharing: Where We Are And Where We Are Going00:00:00
PWNIE Awards00:00:00
Black Hat USA 2015

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