Black Hat Europe 2019 part 2

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Black Hat Europe 2019 part 2

Black Hat provides attendees with the latest in research, development, and trends in Information Security. Here the brightest professionals and researchers in the industry come together for a total of four days—two or four days of deeply technical hands-on Training, followed by two days of the latest research and vulnerability disclosures in the Briefings.


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Black Hat Europe 2019 part 2

Trust in Apple’s Secret Garden: Exploring & Reversing Apple’s Continuity Protocol00:00:00
Money Doesn’t Stink – Cybercriminal Business Insight of A New Android Botnet00:00:00
Reverse Engineering and Exploiting Builds in the Cloud00:00:00
Inside Out – The Cloud has Never been so Close00:00:00
Unleashing the Power of My 20+ Years Old Car00:00:00
Thinking Outside the JIT Compiler00:00:00
BluePill: Neutralizing Anti-Analysis Behavior in Malware Dissection00:00:00
Is Your Mental Health for Sale?00:00:00
Understanding the IoT Threat Landscape00:00:00
Bring Your Own Token to Replace the Traditional Smartcards for Strong Authentication and Signing00:00:00
Doors of Durin: The Veiled Gate to Siemens S7 Silicon00:00:00
Decisions and Revisions – The Ever Evolving Face of the Black Hat NOC00:00:00
BlueMaster: Bypassing and Fixing Bluetooth-based Proximity Authentication00:00:00
Far Sides of Java Remote Protocols00:00:00
Detecting (un)Intentionally Hidden Injected Code by Examining Page Table Entries00:00:00
Tackling Privilege Escalation with Offense and Defense00:00:00
Bypassing KPTI Using the Speculative Behavior of the SWAPGS Instruction00:00:00
Hackers, Journalists and the Ethical Swamp00:00:00
Hands Off and Putting SLAB/SLUB Feng Shui in a Blackbox00:00:00
Security Holes in the Integration and Management of Messaging Protocols on Commercial IoT Clouds00:00:00
Black Hat Europe 2019

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