Black Hat Europe 2018 part 3

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Black Hat Europe 2018 part 3

Black Hat provides attendees with the very latest in research, development, and trends in Information Security. Here the brightest professionals and researchers in the industry will come together for a total of four days—two or four days of deeply technical hands-on Training, followed by two days of the latest research and vulnerability disclosures in the Briefings.

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Black Hat Europe 2018 part 3

How to Build Synthetic Persons in Cyberspace00:00:00
When Machines Can’t Talk00:00:00
Cloud-Native Sandboxes for Microservices: Understanding New Threats and Attacks00:00:00
Off-Path Attacks Against PKI00:00:00
The Mummy 2018 – Microsoft Accidentally Summons Back Ugly Attacks from the Past00:00:00
Thermanator and the Thermal Residue Attack00:00:00
Locknote: Conclusions and Key Takeaways from Black Hat Europe 201800:00:00
Decisions and Revisions – The Ever Evolving Face of the Black Hat NOC00:00:00
Black Hat Europe 2018

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