Black Hat Europe 2018 part 2

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Black Hat Europe 2018 part 2

Black Hat provides attendees with the very latest in research, development, and trends in Information Security. Here the brightest professionals and researchers in the industry will come together for a total of four days—two or four days of deeply technical hands-on Training, followed by two days of the latest research and vulnerability disclosures in the Briefings.

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Black Hat Europe 2018 part 2

The Undeniable Truth00:00:00
Video Killed the Text Star: OSINT Approach00:00:00
When Everyone’s Dog is Named Fluffy00:00:00
AI Gone Rogue: Exterminating Deep Fakes Before They Cause Menace00:00:00
Broken Links: Emergence and Future of Software-Supply Chain Compromises00:00:00
In Search of CurveSwap: Measuring Elliptic Curve Implementations in the Wild00:00:00
The Last Line of Defense: Understanding and Attacking Apple File System on iOS00:00:00
Deep Impact: Recognizing Unknown Malicious Activities from Zero Knowledge00:00:00
RustZone: Writing Trusted Applications in Rust00:00:00
Straight Outta VMware: Modern Exploitation of the SVGA Device for Guest-to-Host Escapes00:00:00
Attacking Hardware Systems Using Resonance and the Laws of Physics00:00:00
Evolving Security Experts Among Teenagers00:00:00
I Block You Because I Love You: Social Account Identification Attack Against a Website Visitor00:00:00
Perfectly Deniable Steganographic Disk Encryption00:00:00
BLEEDINGBIT: Your APs Belong to Us00:00:00
Network Defender Archeology: An NSM Case Study in Lateral Movement with DCOM00:00:00
Perception Deception: Physical Adversarial Attack Challenges00:00:00
Cutting Edge: Microsoft Browser Security — From People Who Owned It00:00:00
Secure Boot Under Attack: Simulation to Enhance Fault Attacks & Defenses00:00:00
Level Up Your Security Mindset00:00:00
Black Hat Europe 2018

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