Black Hat Asia 2020 part 2

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Black Hat Asia 2020 part 2

Black Hat Asia will be held virtually in the Singapore Time Zone, September 29-October 2. During this week, information security experts will teach interactive, online Training, innovative research will be presented at Briefings, the latest open-source tools will be showcased at Arsenal, and the Business Hall will feature top-tier security solutions and service providers, plus ample networking events and opportunities.

Topics for this course

20 Lessons

Black Hat Asia 2020 part 2

Redback: Advanced Static Binary Injection00:00:00
Store-to-Leak Forwarding: There and Back Again00:00:00
ZombieLoad: Leaking Data on Intel CPUs00:00:00
Back to the Future. Cross-Protocol Attacks in the Era of 5G00:00:00
3d Red Pill: A Guest-to-Host Escape on QEMU/KVM Virtio Device00:00:00
Page Cache Attacks: Microarchitectural Attacks on Flawless Hardware00:00:00
Wi-Fi Brokering00:00:00
May the Trust be with You: Empowering TrustZone-M with Multiple Trusted Environments00:00:00
Kr00k: How KRACKing Amazon Echo Exposed a Billion+ Vulnerable Wi-Fi Devices00:00:00
From an URGENT/11 Vulnerability to a Full Take-Down of a Factory, Using a Single Packet00:00:00
Hey Google, Activate Spyware! – When Google Assistant Uses a Vulnerability as a Feature00:00:00
Making an Impact from India to the Rest of the World by Building & Nurturing Women Infosec Community00:00:00
Demystify Today’s Binary Disassembling and How Modern ABI Makes it Easier00:00:00
Win the 0-Day Racing Game Against Botnet in Public Cloud00:00:00
Tracking the Criminal of Fake News Based on a Unified Embedding00:00:00
The Inside Story: There are Apps in Apps and Here is How to Break Them00:00:00
Adversary Detection Pipelines: Finally Making Your Threat Intel Useful00:00:00
Dynamic Binary Instrumentation Techniques to Address Native Code Obfuscation00:00:00
Locknote: Conclusions and Key Takeaways from Day 100:00:00
Locknote: Conclusions and Key Takeaways from Day 200:00:00
Black Hat Asia 2020

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