Black Hat Asia 2017 part 01

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Black Hat Asia 2017 part 01

Black Hat is returning to Asia again in 2017, and we have quite an event in store. Here the brightest professionals and researchers in the industry will come together for a total of four days–two days of deeply technical hands-on Trainings, followed by two days of the latest research and vulnerability disclosures at our Briefings.

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Black Hat Asia 2017 part 01

Welcome & Introduction to Black Hat Asia 201700:00:00
Keynote: Why We are Not Building a Defendable Internet00:00:00
Keynote: The Seven Axioms of Security00:00:00
Fried Apples: Jailbreak DIY00:00:00
Remotely Compromising iOS via Wi-Fi and Escaping the Sandbox00:00:00
What Malware Authors Don’t Want You to Know – Evasive Hollow Process Injection00:00:00
Hello From the Other Side: SSH Over Robust Cache Covert Channels in the Cloud00:00:00
Open Sourcing Automotive Diagnostics00:00:00
“Man-in-the-SCADA:” Anatomy of Data Integrity Attacks in Industrial Control Systems00:00:00
Anti-Plugin: Don’t Let Your App Play as an Android Plugin00:00:00
Phishing for Funds: Understanding Business Email Compromise00:00:00
Delegate to the Top: Abusing Kerberos for Arbitrary Impersonations and RCE00:00:00
Daily-Life Peeper: Bug Hunting and Exploit Techniques in IoT00:00:00
Exploiting USB/IP in Linux00:00:00
Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto: Security Robots a la Unit-Testing00:00:00
MASHaBLE: Mobile Applications of Secret Handshakes Over Bluetooth LE00:00:00
Betting Against the House: Security and Stability When the Odds are Against You00:00:00
Black Hat Asia 2017

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