Black Hat Asia 2015 part 2

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Black Hat Asia 2015 part 2

Black Hat is returning to Asia again in 2015, and we have quite an event in store. Here the brightest professionals and researchers in the industry will come together for a total of four days–two days of deeply technical hands-on Training, followed by two days of the latest research and vulnerability disclosures at our Briefings.

Topics for this course

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Black Hat Asia 2015 part 2

API Deobfuscator: Identifying Runtime – Obfuscated API Calls Via Memory Access Analysis00:00:00
We Can Still Crack You! General Unpacking Method For Android Packer (no Root)00:00:00
DABiD: The Powerful Interactive Android Debugger for Android Malware Analysis00:00:00
Exploiting Social Navigation00:00:00
Security Content Metadata Model with an Efficient Search Methodology For Real Time Monitoring…00:00:00
Browsers Gone Wild00:00:00
Hiding Behind Android Runtime (ART)00:00:00
Bypassing Malware Detection Mechanisms in Online Banking00:00:00
Relaying EMV Contactless Transactions Using Off-The-Self Android Devices00:00:00
I Know Where You’ve Been: Geo-Inference Attacks Via The Browser Cache00:00:00
The Nightmare Behind The Cross Platform Mobile Apps Dream00:00:00
MLD Considered Harmful – Breaking Another IPv6 Subprotocol00:00:00
Slime: Automated Anti-Sandboxing Disarmament System00:00:00
Locknote: Conclusions and Key Takeaways from Black Hat 201500:00:00
Hacking the Wireless World with Software Defined Radio – 2.000:00:00
Black Hat Asia 2015

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