Bio Engineering Sciences and Technology

  • Course level: Intermediate


Bio Engineering Sciences and Technology

We rely on data from robust, trustworthy, and valid scientific research to make educated decisions, from clinicians and patients devising treatment plans to governments creating policies that influence the lives of millions.”Modern medicine relies on data collection, analysis, and interpretation to help us better the lives of people all over the world by detecting, treating, and preventing human diseases.

This venture necessitates multidimensional thinkers with a good understanding of research methodologies and medicine, as well as statistical expertise. The Epidemiology and Clinical Research Graduate Program prepares students for patient-centered clinical research by providing them with the knowledge and skills they need.

You’ll learn in Bio Engineering course how to critically evaluate a published publication, conduct peer review of a research submission or grant, establish a study protocol for an observational or clinical trial, develop an acceptable analytic technique for the planned study, analyze the data and interpret the results.

This Bio Engineering course is For

Data scientists who want to work in epidemiology and clinical research are welcome to apply.
Researchers and doctors who want to improve their understanding of statistical methodologies and research best practices.
Clinical trials are overseen by investigators or administrators.
Anyone who works in medicine and needs to analyze research and data

What Will I Learn?

  • tissue and cell engineering
  • Medicine and Engineering

Topics for this course

9 Lessons

Bioengineering Sciences and Technology

Epidemiology and Clinical Research: Live Online Info Session00:00:00
Webinar: Using Genomics, Wearables and Big Data to Manage Health and Disease00:00:00
Stanford Faculty – Meet Russ Altman00:00:00
Course – New Frontiers in Cancer Genomics00:00:00
Personal Genomics and Your Health00:00:00
Prof. John Ioannidis on reliability of genetic studies00:00:00
Molecular Genetics I00:00:00
Behavioral Genetics I00:00:00
Genomics and Personalized Medicine00:00:00

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