Android Jetpack Architecture Components

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Android Jetpack Architecture Components. Programming Android apps can be a complex process and a lack of knowledge about architecting your apps can result in spaghetti code and dead-ends. To deliver an extendable, maintainable, and testable codebase, you have to think about the architecture of your application from the very first stage of its development.

This course will show you all the new Android Jetpack Architecture components and features. You will develop Android applications by making use of all the architecture components available with Jetpack to reduce bugs in your codebase and provide seamless and smooth application development. Adding architectural components to your projects will increase their scalability and reduce code bugs.


Topics for this course

38 Lessons

Android Jetpack

Introducing Android Jetpack00:00:00
Improve Your App’s Architecture00:00:00
KTX – Sweeter Kotlin Android Development00:00:00
Autosizing TextView00:00:00
Introducing WorkManager00:00:00
Introducing Navigation Component00:00:00
Learn how to Build Android Apps with Android Jetpack and Kotlin00:00:00
TextClassifier Updates00:00:00
What’s New in Jetpack Compose00:00:00
Fighting Regressions with Benchmarks in CI00:00:00
WorkManager: Beyond the Basics (00:00:00
Secure your data00:00:00
Navigating your way around customizable delivery00:00:00
Understanding Compose00:00:00
Replace findViewById with view binding00:00:00
CameraX Beta00:00:00
Android Conference Talk00:00:00
Jetpack Compose00:00:00
What’s new in Android Jetpack00:00:00
Securing your app for work00:00:00

Jetpack Architecture Components

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