Android App Development

  • Course level: Beginner


Our Certified Android App Development (AAD) course ensures that you become a professional android app developer.

Designed to propel your application developer career, this course takes you through the basic as well as advanced concepts in (AAD). You will acquire the necessary skillsets and experience for professional (AAD) by building 4 top trending applications within the course.



What Will I Learn?

  • At the end of this course you'll be able to:
  • - Explain architecture of Android OS
  • - List the components of Android Apps
  • - Getting started with Android Development
  • - Discuss content provider and its benefits
  • - How to create your own Android Apps

Topics for this course

10 Lessons

Android App Development Tutorial Videos

Introduction To Android App Developer Training Course00:00:00
Connecting Devices Wirelessly00:00:00
Graphics In Android00:00:00
Network Operations00:00:00
Android UI Design Tutorial00:00:00
Introduction To Android App Development for Beginners Course00:00:00
How to Create an Android App00:00:00
Introduction To Android Application Development00:00:00
Battery Optimization00:00:00
Android App Development Training00:00:00
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