AI and Ethics

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AI and Ethics

Ethical AI has become a hot topic around the world, particularly in terms of how to properly deal with Artificial intelligence bias. While Artificial intelligence has the potential to improve the world, like with any revolution, there must be philosophical disputes and practical solutions for businesses to overcome.

People are becoming more protective of themselves, and understandably so. As people become more defensive of their personal data, which is understandable, and as the regulatory and compliance landscape evolves, this webinar will highlight and address some of the more pressing concerns surrounding Artificial intelligence, specifically the use of Artificial intelligence in businesses.


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What Will I Learn?

  • What is ethics, and how does it relate to data and artificial intelligence?
  • How to gain trust in AI by employing virtue-based thinking.
  • How data and ethics keep the law from suffocating innovation
  • When and how should ethics guidelines be created?

Topics for this course

2 Lessons

AI and Ethics Webinar

Artificial Intelligence can transform your organisation00:00:00
AI Can Transform Your Organisation with Dr. Manoj Chiba00:00:00

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