Adobe InDesign 2017

  • Course level: Beginner


This advanced Adobe InDesign 2017 course will take a basic knowledge of InDesign to the next level. In this course.

students will work with saving to previous versions, saving templates, and use different page sizes and sections. Students will learn to modify text flow with breaks, tabs, jump lines, and use text on a path and text outlines, and learn advanced text options. Additionally, students will work with advanced text styles, nested styles, and keep options. Students will use advanced place options, including placing Illustrator files, InCopy, and anchored objects. Students will work with the InDesign illustration tools, organize swatches, convert tables, and learn about creating interactive elements, as well as work with long documents.

Who this Adobe InDesign 2017 course is for:

  1. Students who wish to learn the more advanced capabilities of InDesign

What Will I Learn?

  • Perform Advanced Document Setup
  • Work with Text Flow
  • Work with Advanced Text Options
  • Work with Advanced Text Styles
  • Work with Advanced Place Options
  • With with Illustration Tools

Topics for this course

14 Lessons

adobe InDesign 2017

Tutorial Course Overview & Breakdown00:00:00
Preparation For Adobe InDesign Projects00:00:00
Photoshop Action / Image Processing In Adobe Bridge00:00:00
Create a Scamp, Designing For My InDesign Composition00:00:00
Document SetUp In Adobe InDesign00:00:00
Adobe InDesign Interface Introduction00:00:00
The Links Panel In Adobe InDesign00:00:00
Laying Out Frame Box’s In Adobe InDesign00:00:00
Managing / Formatting Text & Tables in Adobe InDesign00:00:00
Placing Images Into Adobe InDesign00:00:00
Modifying InDesign images In Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator00:00:00
Objects, Colour & Effects In Adobe InDesign00:00:00
Finishing Off / Preflight In Adobe InDesign00:00:00
Export to PDF In Adobe InDesign00:00:00
40 £

Enrolment validity: Lifetime


  • Pre-requisites: InDesign CC Introduction or equivalent experience