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AC MACHINERY FUNDAMENTALS. Through a building-block teaching approach, you will develop a basic understanding of AC electric machine design.

By learning the core concepts of electromagnetic laws for machine design, magnetic circuit calculations, loss mechanisms, analytical design techniques, and other essential topics, you will improve your skills, and ultimately, your work. Recent developments in AC electric machine design also will be covered in this course.

Who Should Attend to AC MACHINERY FUNDAMENTALS course?

  1. Engineers involved in the design, specification, and integration of components and systems that require an understanding of AC machine design.
  2. Electrical and mechanical
  3. l design engineers
  4. System engineers and integrators
  5. Project engineers and program managers
  6. Technical leaders

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn everything about AC MACHINERY FUNDAMENTALS

Topics for this course

14 Lessons


#1 AC Machinery fundamentals – Introduction and Course flow00:00:00
#2 AC machinery fundamentals – Simple loop in a uniform magnetic field00:00:00
#3 AC machinery fundamentals -Torque Induced in Simple loop in a uniform magnetic field00:00:00
#4 AC machinery fundamentals – The Rotating Magnetic field00:00:00
#5 AC machinery fundamentals – Rotating magnetic field – Mathematical Proof |00:00:00
#6AC machines Basics-Relation between Electrical freq and Speed of Magnetic field rotation – Part 100:00:00
#7 AC machinery fundamentals — Synchronous Speed derivation00:00:00
#8 AC machinery fundamentals – Reversing the direction of Rotating Magnetic Field00:00:00
#9 AC machinery fundamentals – MMF and flux distribution in AC machines00:00:00
#10 AC machinery fundamentals – EMF induced in AC machine ( with sinusoidal flux in space )00:00:00
#11 AC machinery fundamentals – The induced voltage in a 3 phase set of coils00:00:00
#12 AC machinery Torque Induced in AC machines ( with sinusoidal flux distribution in space )00:00:00
#13 AC machines power flow ( losses, efficiency )00:00:00
#14 Voltage regulation and Speed regulation in AC machines00:00:00

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