A brief introduction of Micro-Sensors complete guide

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A brief introduction of Micro-Sensors

The primary goal of this course is to familiarise students with micro-and nanoscale devices. Students will have a basic understanding of MEMS and NEMS devices and their applications after finishing this short course. They’ll be able to design, analyze, and characterize micro and nanosystems. They will also have a basic understanding of MEMS fabrication.

The layout of the Micro-Sensors course

Week 1: It’s all about the small stuff! MEMS sensors: introduction and applications from millimeter to angstrom

Week 2: Stress-strain fundamentals, electrostatics, and energy dissipation

Week 3: Si and its characteristics, as well as microfabrication and lithography.

Week 4: Microsensor Design and Analysis; Case Study: Accelerometer and Pressure Sensor

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Topics for this course

23 Lessons

A brief introduction of Micro-Sensors – Introduction

Introduction to Microscale Sensors or MEMS00:00:00
Scaling effect00:00:00
Some Simple Mechanics00:00:00
Basic Mechanics – Part 0100:00:00
Basic Mechanics – Part 0200:00:00
Basic Mechanics – Part 0300:00:00
Electrostatic force00:00:00
Coupled electromechanics00:00:00
Si crystal structure00:00:00
Si etching00:00:00
KOH etching00:00:00
TMAH etching00:00:00
Deposition and Lithography00:00:00
Pressure sensor types, membrane, Piezoelectric sensing, capacitive sensing00:00:00
Pressure Sensor – II00:00:00
Pressure Sensor – III00:00:00
Accelerometer – I00:00:00
Accelerometer – II00:00:00
Assignment 100:00:00
Assignment 200:00:00

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