5G-PPP Part 02

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5G-PPP Part 02

The European Commission and the European ICT industry have collaborated on the 5G Infrastructure Public Private Partnership (5G PPP) (ICT manufacturers, telecommunications operators, service providers, SMEs, and researcher Institutions). The 5G-PPP is now in its third phase, with numerous new initiatives launching in June 2018 in Brussels. The 5G PPP will bring solutions to the table. Designs, technologies, and standards for next-generation communication infrastructures will be pervasive in the following decade.

The 5G Public-Private Partnership (5G-PPP) faces the task of securing Europe’s leadership in areas where Europe excels or where new markets might be created, such as smart cities, e-health, intelligent transportation, education, and entertainment. The 5G PPP project will strengthen the European industry’s ability to compete successfully on global markets while also opening up new innovation prospects. It will “provide a platform that will assist us in achieving our shared aim of maintaining and strengthening our global technical leadership.”

The following are our main issues for the 5G Infrastructure PPP:

In comparison to 2010, the wireless area capacity is 1000 times higher, and the service possibilities are more diverse.
Up to 90% of energy is saved for every service delivered. The main focus will be on mobile communication networks, where the radio access network consumes the most energy.
Getting the average time to create a service down to 90 minutes.

Creating a secure, trustworthy, and dependable Internet with “zero perceived” service disruption
enabling extensive wireless communication network deployments to connect over 7 trillion wireless devices servicing over 7 billion people
Providing access to a broader range of services and applications at a cheaper cost to everyone and everywhere.


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5G MEDIA Introduction

5G MoNArch video for MWC 201800:00:00
Vertical industry collaboration essential for 5G success in Europe00:00:00
TO-EURO-5G: 5GPPPeople00:00:00
5G-Crosshaul Project – 5G PPP 201700:00:00
5G-Ex Project (5G PPP 2017)00:00:00
5G-Norma Project (5G PPP 2017)00:00:00
SPEED-5G Project (5G PPP 2017)00:00:00
CHARISMA Project (5G PPP 2017)00:00:00
Cognet Project (5G PPP 2017)00:00:00
Coherent Project (5G PPP 2017)00:00:00
Fantastic-5G Project (5G PPP 2017)00:00:00
Flex5Gware Project (5G PPP 2017)00:00:00
Sonata Project (5G PPP 2017)00:00:00
5G-Ensure Project (5G PPP 2017)00:00:00
Metis II Project (5G PPP 2017)00:00:00
mmMagic Project (5G PPP 2017)00:00:00
Selfnet Project (5G PPP 2017)00:00:00
Virtuwind Project (5G PPP 2017)00:00:00
Sesame Project (5GPPP 2017)00:00:00
Citypassenger (5G PPP SMEs 2017)00:00:00
WestAquila (5G PPP SMEs 2017)00:00:00
Montimage (5G PPP SMEs 2017)00:00:00
Montimage (5G PPP SMEs 2017)00:00:00
Ubiwhere (5G PPP SMEs 2017)00:00:00
NextWorks (5G PPP SMEs 2017)00:00:00
Visiona (5G PPP SMEs 2017)00:00:00
Innoroute (5G PPP SMEs 2017)00:00:00
Ardic (5G PPP SMEs 2017)00:00:00
VirtuWind Project00:00:00
SELFNET Project00:00:00
SELFNET Management Interview00:00:00
METIS II 5G PPP Project Video May 201700:00:00
5GPPP – MWC1700:00:00

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